Welcome to Daddy Space.

Welcome, this is a blog about the life of being a Daddy in a DDLG relationship. You can expect to find posts containing advice, experiences, thoughts and musings, all from my mind.

I’ve not been a full-time Daddy for a long time, but I’m learning and wish to share my experiences and lessons with whoever wants to read it.

I thank you for all your support and feel free to leave comments or contact me if you have questions or ideas.


Expectation vs Reality

So I’m writing this after quite some time of being away from the page. I’ve not been away for any other reason than being busy with getting on with life. Something during my time away that has occurred to me is what I expected of a DDLG relationship in comparison to how it manifests within […]

Letting your Little look after you.

As a Daddy, having your Little looking after you may feel alien. May even feel wrong, depending on your stance. But there isn’t anything wrong with having someone who looks up to you wanting to take care of you. I speak from experience. My Little quite often likes to sit and rub my hair when […]

5 Things I like to do as a Daddy

Have you ever wondered what other Daddys do? I know I have, and I’ve even watched YouTube videos and read posts just to find out. So I felt like a little list of things I like to do as a Daddy would help anyone searching for such a thing. Keep in mind though that everyone […]

How not to be afraid of being a Daddy.

This feels like a massive irony writing this considering that I still have moments in which I am cautious of my actions. That being said, I know that my behaviour is a personal thing and that I know how to move past it, and this is what I want to write about. I have moments […]

Why Communication is Important in a DDLG relationship.

Communication is key, that’s the saying right? Well, I can tell you from previous experiences, it’s the absolute truth. Especially within a DDLG relationship where caregiving is a core component of what we do as Daddys. Too often, people fail to communicate with one another, whether it be about problems or recognising successes. This causes […]

What is being a Daddy about?

So this is an interesting subject. Being a Daddy, and the reasons behind becoming a Daddy, differs from person to person. Some become a Daddy for the exercising of control over another individual, some for the sexual adventures within the bounds of a DDLG relationship, and some because they simply have a desire to look […]

Daddy Style

When I first began exploring the ‘Daddy’ side of my life, I searched for help as I was unsure of how to undertake the role of the Daddy. I had my natural instinct, but I think through conversation, and maybe even modern media depictions of the ‘dominant role’, I seemed to have a misconception around […]

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