What is being a Daddy about?

So this is an interesting subject. Being a Daddy, and the reasons behind becoming a Daddy, differs from person to person. Some become a Daddy for the exercising of control over another individual, some for the sexual adventures within the bounds of a DDLG relationship, and some because they simply have a desire to look after another human being. There are many possible reasons to why someone has become a Daddy, but ultimately, your reason is the only one that should matter to you.

I discovered my Daddy tendencies by chance, through conversation and sexual play, I realised that the idea of looking after a dependant was something I inherently enjoyed. It was an odd discovery, but when I started to realise exactly what it was, everything else began to make sense. I looked back at different moments in my life and what I enjoyed within them, and it all began to point to the same conclusion: I am a Daddy.

One of the biggest loves for me as a Daddy is the caregiving side to the relationship. When my Little needs me to look after her, its so fulfilling. She wants me because I am her Daddy and I give to her the things she requires, such as safety, protection, love, attention and more. I love moments when she comes to me and calls me Daddy because she needs me to help her, I really feel like I have a purpose to fulfil. To have a Little and to be responsible for their welfare is a massive honour in my eyes, as to have another person give themselves up to you because they trust you and want you to be a part of their life is the ultimate act of devotion.

Because of the dynamics of our relationship, I am responsible for the way in which my Little functions on a day to day basis. She requires a lot of love and attention and I am more than happy to oblige, as I thrive off giving her the care she requires. Just a few things I do for her include:

  • Picking her clothes
  • Keeping her hydrated
  • Keeping her fed
  • Keeping her entertained
  • Making sure she is hygienic

I also keep her happy by joining her in activities such as watching TV or doing arts and crafts together. These moments of bonding are beautiful and rewarding within a DDLG relationship. Truthfully, this is why I became a Daddy.

Ultimately, I find that being a Daddy is about giving care and attention to your Little. Be it through a sexual capacity, or a caregiving one, through a physical relationship or a long distance one. The premise behind a DDLG relationship is the same. The Daddy is there to look after the Little in which ever way is necessary and appropriate.

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