Why Communication is Important in a DDLG relationship.

Communication is key, that’s the saying right? Well, I can tell you from previous experiences, it’s the absolute truth. Especially within a DDLG relationship where caregiving is a core component of what we do as Daddys.

Too often, people fail to communicate with one another, whether it be about problems or recognising successes. This causes friction when you don’t know what you’re doing right, and don’t know what you’re doing wrong.

In a DDLG relationship, you have to communicate well in order to make it a successful and fulfilling partnership. Especially considering that the both of you are treading into each others vulnerable space within your heads. Imagine opening up to another person about an intimate part of your personality such as being a Little or a Daddy, only to find the other person doesn’t take you seriously or hasn’t quite grasped the way in which you wish to experience such a part of your desires.

You need to have strong communication both before and during your Daddy and Little relationship beginning. You, as a Daddy, have to understand what your Little’s needs and wants are. Some Little’s will require constant love and attention, whereas, some may only want a Daddy during certain times. The manner in which they ask you to be their Daddy is equally as important. Do they want you to read them a bed time story, tuck them in, feed them, and be a caregiver? Or, is it a sexual desire they wish you to fullfil? or something inbetween, or all together different?

These are good questions to have answered at the beginning of any relationship. Knowing this will help you navigate the relationship together and therefore forging a stronger and more secure bond between the both of you.

Ultimately, you should both always continue to discuss your wants and needs, you should grow and evolve together and this can be done through thought out and considered communication.

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