Letting your Little look after you.

As a Daddy, having your Little looking after you may feel alien. May even feel wrong, depending on your stance. But there isn’t anything wrong with having someone who looks up to you wanting to take care of you.

I speak from experience. My Little quite often likes to sit and rub my hair when I get in from work to relax me after a long day. She also likes to do nice things for me to cheer me up if I’m feeling down. She’ll fetch me a glass of water if I have a headache and she’ll grab me snacks if I’m hungry. This all comes from a place of love and admiration from her as I am her Daddy.

Her behaviour is reflective. She behaves that way because she is treated that way (and also just an extremely lovely human being!!). She has learned parts of that behaviour from observation, and she demonstrates it because she knows that it shows she cares. It earns her praise also, and I know that Littles, especially my one, loves praise.

In short, to make me feel better, makes her feel good and that’s why it’s important to let her do that when she wants to. Im not there to obstruct her development and she is developing into a kind and caring girl and that makes me proud.

Its a nice thing to be looked after by anyone. It’s a comforting thought that someone who loves you is taking the time to care for you. As a Daddy, there is nothing wrong with admitting you’re sad, hurt, upset or anything else slightly negative. You’re only human like the rest of the people on the planet. You’re allowed to experience these emotions when in the presence of your Little. I’m sure that your Little will want to make their Daddy feel better and I feel it’s important that you allow that to occur. It teaches your Little that care and admiration are important, and also that their Daddy isn’t infallible and he has emotions too.

Next time your Little pays you attention or wants to do something nice for you, let them, it will tighten the bond of your relationship and it will make your Little feel a lot more involved and important and that they have they ability and means to cheer up/make better, their Daddy.

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