How not to be afraid of being a Daddy.

This feels like a massive irony writing this considering that I still have moments in which I am cautious of my actions. That being said, I know that my behaviour is a personal thing and that I know how to move past it, and this is what I want to write about.

I have moments where I think I’m being too ‘daddy’. For example, my Little mentioned recently that she needed something to bite on as she kept biting her dummy, so I decided to buy her some teething rings from our local shop. As I picked them off the shelf, I began to question myself as to whether this was ‘too much’. I still bought the rings as I had decided that this was something that I wanted to do. However, that moment of questioning myself was present, and thankfully, it was totally unnecessary as my Little loved the teething rings and has been using them ever since. On the flip side, I also have moments where I feel I’m not being ‘daddy’ enough. Such as times where I feel she needs punishment and I don’t give it because I don’t want to be too harsh or I’ve already punished her for other misdemeanours earlier in the day and don’t want to be too overboard with the daddy-ing.

This kind of doubt of my own actions causes inconsistency for my Little, she doesn’t get a constant stream of behaviour from me and it can throw her expectations of her own behaviour off. I find it also undermines my authority and care as her Daddy as I’ve had moments where I’ve punished her for bad words, and then she argues back telling me that I’ve let her say bad words the day previous and she didn’t know it was wrong. This is all down to my inconsistency through fear of getting it wrong.

You should never be scared to be a Daddy to your Little. You should act as you see fit, and always with strength, love and compassion.

This brings me on how not to be scared.

This is a mentality issue that you have to overcome. You have to think of the facts and the plain truth is that your Little wants YOU to be their Daddy. They have requested it and they expect it from YOU. You need to be confident in your actions and do what you want to do. Act how you feel is natural to your interpretation of your role, and you’ll probably find that your Little will respond well to your actions as this is what they expect of you.

You’re good at what you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be where you are.

Having confidence with your actions will translate across to your Little that you are trustworthy and safe, and that they can grow under you as their Daddy. Your Little will look up to you and see you as a role model, you have to understand that however your actions are delivered is how they will learn from you. So make sure you’re displaying the right attitude and that will ensure your Little does the same back.

As a Daddy, you are powerful. You’ve been given the permission to control and shape your little one. You must do so with respect, but also with determination. Do not be afraid to be yourself. Care and love your Little. Guide them through life and teach them lessons so that they will grow with you as their Daddy and not apart from you.

Ultimately, you really have nothing to be afraid of if you have good intentions at heart. Let go of your fears and be yourself and I can assure you that your Little will love you more for it.